It’s rather easy to look fresh, dewy and put together on a photo… if you are lucky enough to work with a professional photographer with good taste and top-notch material.

This happens to be my case, given that I wanted to launch and build this website in the most professional way possible.

Do not be mistaken: there is no lie more perfect than a picture.

If you think that my skin is this luminous in real life, I’m sorry to have to disappoint. Without even going into touch-ups (which I refuse) or Photoshop (which I equally refuse), a picture is different according to the quality of the lighting or the balance of colours used during a photo shoot.

When even the flash cannot save my face, I go for sunglasses, even if it’s 10 p.m. (and yes, I look highly ridiculous but it does give a certain style, doesn’t it? It’s just another concept.)

Marquis Paris - Nov 2017 Ile Saint Louis by night

If you think Paris is absolutely sumptuous, that’s because I always clean up the crime scene before a photoshoot (even though Paris is still sumptuous if a little dirty), or because I stop the photographer with a striking, vengeful finger pointing to the cigarette butt on the floor.

Marquis Paris - Fashion Paris 2017

Marquis Paris - Fashion Paris 2017

(And he invariably goes “Hey, what’s up with the talking models?” and I invariably start to laugh).

Marquis Paris - Fashion Paris 2017

If you think for one second that all the picture from a photoshoot are superb, let me disappoint again: if 10% of what we shot is publishable, we consider ourselves very happy.

Between the photos where I accidentally eat bubbles…


… and those where I’m fooling around, it’s not easy to get a decent shot.

Marquis Paris - Fashion Paris - Avril 2017

(But sometimes, he asks me to fool around: “twirl so that we can capture the scope of your skirt”, and the passerbys watch in dismay”.

Marquis Paris - Purple streets of Paris - Nov 2017

I have an absolute, unconditional love for beauty in all its shapes and forms, therefore I spare you from mediocre photos on a daily basis. Nonetheless, I believe that it is essential to remind oneself from time to time that digital life and real life are certainly not synonymous, which accounts for the existence of this “the Other Side of the Picture” chronicle.

May 15, 2018