Café Charbon restaurant is an institution located in the Parisian Folie-Méricourt area, in the 11th district. You may may be asking yourself why such name was chosen, given that “charbon” means “coal” in French.

Back in the 19th century, the “cafés-charbons” were traditionally held by artisans coming from the French Auvergne region, who sold coffee, wine and coal in the capital. And such shops were concentrated in the 11h district of Paris.

Created in 1863, Café Charbon kept its historical style and the setting is gorgeous, with a massive wood and zinc bar, brown restaurant benches, high ceilings, mirrors and retro paintings.

The modern, flavorsome food, which has just a touch of Asian fusion – and the DJ, who plays a nice pop and electro mix during weekends, offer a great and refreshing contrast in this historical setting.

Love it!

November 15, 2019


Café Charbon – 109 rue Oberkampf – Paris 11th