You may be wondering what lightpainting is?

Nothing less than a unique photography technique which requires an incredibly long posing time and uses rays of light which appear like trails on the final photo.

When I say that taking one picture is long, it also implies that you’re not allowed to move. You have to hold your position for several minutes without moving an ear or batting an eye. If you can avoid breathing, then you’ve reached perfection (and it becomes a still-life painting).

When I mention the lengthiness of the process, it also implies that you can only snap a couple of shots (unless you’re willing to spend the day there). I must confess that it was extremely difficult for me not to move during all those hours, as life has made me an excessively active person (*translate to: life has forced me to become used to running around all the time as I am the slave of three children – yes I love you too my darlings).

The result is as unique as the technique. It is the opposite of photos taken on the spot, which capture spontaneous expressions.

I would nearly call them paintings.

December 20, 2015