The term “Côte d’Azur” (“Riviera” in English) was coined in 1887 by a lawyer (well, big surprise), Stéphen Liégeard.

To be completely transparent, the above-mentioned lawyer was also a politician, a senior official, but also a writer and poet.

In 1887, he published his most famous work: “La Côte d´Azur”, the borders of which he defined, stretching from Marseille to Genoa.

As a native of Dijon, he came up with the idea of this name, coming as a counterpart to his native Gold Coast – this “Azur” tone obviously identifying the blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

Today, according to tourism policies, the French Riviera extends more or less as far as Menton – because it is out of the question to promote the Italian coast, right, of course.

As to the West, its border varies according to the authors, the polician statements or the times between Marseille, Cassis, Bandol, Toulon, Hyères or Saint-Tropez.

So far, so good but given that I am in Nice and that I am certain to be on the Riviera, I offer you here the photos that I was able to take in the far East of this coast that I love so much.

My eyes picture the Russian emigrants at the dawn of the 20th century.

My eyes picture these elegant chilly women celebrated by one of my favorite writers – Colette, to name her, walking on the Promenade des Anglais, dressed in lace and silk under their furs.

My eyes picture Fitz and Zelda going wild on this beloved Riviera.

My eyes picture Picasso and Chagall feeding their eyes with this very special light.

My eyes picture Grace Kelly falling in love with her prince.

I love the French Riviera – to be quite snobbish, I use here the English term – because a thousand ghosts that I love inhabit it.

We already know that, I’m from another era 😉

August 13, 2021