Have you heard of the art of mixology applied to clothes? If you haven’t yet, let me introduce you to the expert: Audrey Cimignani, founder of the young brand The Micsologyst.

As a mixed race woman, Audrey carries this art with her and wanted to celebrate the beauty of mixes, alloys, and blends, just like a cellar master would when assembling his Champagne wine.

Audrey’s cocktails are also a clever combination of 60’s touches and 2010’s – dare I say 2020’s modernity. The materials she uses range from silk, to leather, velvet, neoprene and wax.

Let’s talk about wax for a second. Contrary to a widespread belief, wax isn’t a traditionally African material. The waxed cotton fabric finds its ancestral origins between the Netherlands, Ghana, Borneo and Sumatra, carrying an incredible array of different traditions and thus embodying a rich form of multiculturalism.

Like all decent mixes, a Miscologyst outfit is modular. You can add or remove pieces and dive into the realm endless possibilities. Skirts can be associated with different tops to create dresses, and the tops are reversible, in order to allow for even more creativity.

And this brings me to how sustainable the pieces created by The Micsologyst are. Beyond the fact that they are of impeccable quality – even Mother Dear was impressed by the quality of the buttonholes, and that’s saying something – their design allows you to mix and match and to create more outfits with less clothes, something that is in line with our desire for sustainable style.

The way the clothes are cut – in French workshops – is thoroughly thought-out so as to produce the least amount of scraps as possible, and even the latter are given to fashion schools or used to make things that have nothing to do with fashion (for example, I have Micsologyst coaster. Yes, I promise).

But let’s focus on Audrey again: she was once a member of the Paris Bar and the New York Bar and she is now a designer, the director of a business and a professional singer in a gospel choral. If that’s not cocktail made art, I’m not sure what is.

And it’s that beautiful cocktail I present to you here.

July 12, 2019

The Micsologyst dress – Louis Vuitton corset – Valentino flat shoes – Christian Louboutin clutch – Chanel sunglasses – Vintage cuff

The Micsologyst