Moreau Paris is the symbol of a beautiful, historic tradition of the French “malletier”, the French trunk-maker.

Founded in 1882, Maison Moreau opened its boutique, which offered luxury travel items, on the famous Parisian Faubourg Saint-Honoré street. The Maison’s trunks, which are recognizable thanks to their interlaced wicker pattern, were very popular with the wealthy bourgeoisie and the Parisian nobility, who were beginning to embark towards distant destinations made accessible by the advent of the ocean liner and the Orient Express and couldn’t imagine leaving without unbelievable amounts of luggage.

Maison Moreau closed down at the beginning of the 20th century and was only resuscitated a century later, when Veronika Rovnoff acquired an old Moreau stagecoach trunk at an auction. She was charmed by the vintage trunk and after extensively researching the sleeping beauty that was Maison Moreau, she decided to bring it back to life as Moreau Paris with the help of her brother Fedor Savchenko.

Fedor, a graduate from the Textile Academy of Kiev and the Berçot Studio in Paris, took lead of the artistic direction, drew from the Maison’s DNA, reinterpreted the famous interlaced wicker pattern and reshaped the production to suit modern times. For instance, Moreau products are now less geared towards long, intercontinental travelling and more so towards the daily travels that each woman must undertake.

Hence, the collections are made-up of handbags, pouches and totes, the latter being perfectly suited to carrying your computer around, or even your entire life, really.

Fedor also reinterpreted the old trunks’ handles, which were sewn on by hand, and which you can now notice on many modern designs.

Here, beauty is only equaled by quality.

Because Moreau Paris, contrary to other Parisian “malletiers”, offers products of incomparable quality.

Maison Moreau collaborates with tanneries that use ancestral techniques dating back to the 16th century, and the Maison’s DNA definitely resides in this beautiful French know-how and technique, which is the antithesis of cheap marketing and overly-identifiable, omnipresent logos.

The fine, supple leather gives Moreau items an aerial lightness. The pattern is applied deep into the leather with a semi-manual technique. The way the leathers are treated gives them a nice patina, which protects the bag forevermore.

Moreau bags are bags that accompany you through life fully, as per Fedor’s desire.

Some bags are lined in such a way that they become reversible and can therefore become two bags in one.

The whole collection is made with leather and the only design that is made with fabric has nothing to do with the coated fabric (that my grand-mother would’ve gladly used on her dinner table) that proliferates in other shops on the Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

Here, the coated Jacquard fabric is of exceptional quality; it has a beautiful feel and texture to it.

Moreau Paris is not fashionable – thank God – it seeks to be timeless, which is the true sign of style. It is a balance between tradition and modernity.

This is why this relatively confidential brand cannot be found at the corner of every street or on the arm of every Parisian – and once again, thank God.

Let us touch upon the gorgeous Parisian boutique, 49 Faubourg Saint-Honoré street, which is a true treasure. It was decorated by Jeff Van Dyck in timeless, out-of-this world elegance. He played with the codes and the history of this Maison to create smoked oak shop windows, gold gildings and Versailles parquet. It is a beautiful place, where you will feel protected from current fashion trends.

Finally, you can create your own tote bag on Maison Moreau’s website. They go above and beyond to offer you the possibility not only to customize your bag with engraved initials, specific patterns and colored strips but to create your own bag from four different models by choosing the color of each component. And that’s pretty amazing.

May 3, 2019

Brégançon PM – Moreau printed leather – Yellow



Brégançon Mini Zip – Moreau printed leather – Blue & Gold

Vicomte BB – Bull skin Bleu des Iles


Vicomte Mini – Printed leather – Burgundy

49 Faubourg – Bull skin Black and Moreau printed leather Classique

Vicomte BB – Bull skin Havana Silver

Vicomte BB – Moreau printed leather – Black & Gold

Mesnil – Moreau printed leather – Black & Silver

Available in Paris, London, Osaka, Tokyo and Barneys