This lovely Miu Miu dress is slightly too strict for my taste. Composed of a fine black jumper and a navy blue skirt with pockets, I cannot say that this dress is not classy and well cut but it lacked a little wow factor, a little twist.

Wow factor added. All I had to do was to go to Monoprix (our very Parisian supermarket). As I was looking for size 5 diapers for my daughter (I live for these glamorous moments in life), the sight of this necklace hit me quite strongly and I immediately imagined it with this dress.

How strange is it to go buy diapers and come back with a necklace instead?

“Ça c’est Paris”, they say 😉


Miu Miu dress embellished with a Balaboosté necklace – YSL coat – Dior heels – Agnelle gloves – Lafont sunglasses – Renaud Pellegrino handbag