The Royal Garden of Medicinal Plants was created in 1635 by Louis XIII.

This garden is one of the oldest scientific institutions in Paris – even before the creation of the Academy of Sciences in 1666 – and is part of the European intellectual movement in the 16th century that saw the creation of spaces dedicated to the study of botany and the medicinal properties of plants.

In 1718, the Royal Garden of Medicinal Plants became the Royal Garden of the Plants, and, under the leadership of its curator – the Count of Buffon, who reigned there for some fifty years, was transformed into a center for scientific research. Buffon received new species from all over the world. Thus, in 1789, the first chrysanthemum cuttings, brought from China, were imported into France.

After the French Revolution, the Royal Garden of the Plants was replaced by the National Museum of Natural History and its gardens, buildings, archives, libraries, greenhouses, zoo and specimens’ collections are classified as historical landmarks in France.


This giant black quartz stone is very impressive.

I love the tropical hothouse.

The Art Déco greenhouse is awesome.


The alpine garden is very nice.

The Buffon gazebo gloriette tops a labyrinth.

The Evolution Gallery was inaugurated in 1889, the building is quite imposing.

Jardin des Plantes

June 11, 2021