I’m going to be honest: I don’t, I absolutely don’t understand the youth culture which has invaded our modern occidental societies.

From a historical standpoint, and therefore from an intellectual standpoint I do understand – youth as a synonym of vitality, fertility and thus as a perpetuation of one’s lineage. It’s a principle that has ruled humanity since the dawn of times.

However, it is not the same nowadays. Our modern societies have evolved so much that women’s lifespan has become incredibly longer than what it used to be and they can bear children later and later in their lives without complications.

It has nothing to do with perpetuating one’s lineage anymore.

The debate has moved to another subject, that of sexual desirability.

It’s quite strange because I have a number of friends who are way more beautiful now that they have reached their 40’s and 50’s than when they were twenty-something spring chickens.

And I know why.

Life, as simple as that. Life sharpens you, transforms you, teaches you that you need to focus on the essential. Life which sometimes brings sorrow and often joy, as long as you keep your eyes and heart open.

And it so happens that I have friends whose eyes are wide open but, more importantly, have a huge heart and and deep joy of life.

Each one is the sum of her own life, engraved in her solemn stare but also in her richer heart, in her white hair, her expression lines, be they a consequence of worry or laughter.

Even if I know that it is all a question of evolving social normes that change throughout the centuries, I still don’t understand why the sum of a life would be less interesting or desirable than a blank page, where the beauty of a life has to be written.

For my part, I have very little indulgence for the young woman I was that I sometimes see on photos. I find her distressingly bland.

February 14, 2016

Agnès Gercault shearling coat – Louis Vuitton pants – Eric Bompard top – Lanvin handbag – Roger Vivier flat shoes – Tom Ford sunglasses