How nice to be called by school at 10 a.m, whereas you dropped the little ones there an hour and a half before; wheareas you have a busy schedule, to pick up a sick child. My 7-year-old daughter is a born actress, and I have no doubts that the school staff believed her that day to be suffering from the disease whose name we no longer dare to say.

Strangely, my daughter was much better after she left school.

Warned of the upcoming program – namely a photo shoot that I could hardly cancel – she enthusiastically detailed her participation in this adventure. (Is it worth mentioning that said participation involved her mother’s makeup? Is it worth mentioning that said mother deployed treasures of diplomacy to stem a service proposition bordering on intensive spamming?)

Ready to start the photo shoot, I receive a prodigiously annoying email calling for an urgent response.

To amuse the 7-year-old young lady (who is just waiting for a touch-up-makeup), my photographer Cedric suggests that she take pictures of her soft toy flying in the air.

Here’s why there are now photos of me serioulsy drafting an annoying email surrounded by a flying elephant.

Since then, the child is feeling better and I never received a response to my email, it was so scathing.

Welcome to my messy life.

April 23, 2021

Saint Laurent sweater – Vintage shorts – Dim hosiery