Well, well, well. One year ago my inner lawyer wanted to read the terms and conditions applicable to 2021 before entering the year. Let’s be honest, the terms and conditions applicable to 2021 were a tad shitty.

Frankly, I would have fired the associate who would have drafted such loose and poor terms and conditions.

To use legal terms that are nevertheless very understandable to all, “force majeure” and “material adverse change” dominated in 2021 (and honestly no one joyfully applies such contractual clauses – because yes, they exist).

I would have drafted a beautiful 250-page contract – which would not have been an adhesion agreement where no one cares about the reality of your consent – and which would have precisely governed all the contractual conditions that would have us – us humanity – linked to the Universe and to this damn pandemic it sent us.

Impossible, I know, I know.

For 2022, what to wish for? Even if I write down a 250-page contract, I won’t be able to get the Universe’s consent.

So, what to wish for 2022? Avoid the worst? Do for the best? (I feel like we’re living in “The Hunger Games” movie). (Also, wait: the presidential elections will take place in 2022 in France, so much fun. Or not).

Yes, we’ll be fine. Quite simply because we have no choice. The question is, at what cost (and this price has to be as low as possible, right).

Bet everything on love, tolerance and empathy, the only valid values at this very moment.

I wish you a happy new year 2022, may the force be with you 😉

You will find below pictures of a silly me with a Christmas tree, because, well, why not.

December 31, 2021

Alberta Ferretti dress – Louboutin heels