Wearing leather pants can be a perilous exercise. The piece is so connotated that it can easily become vulgar. The main trap to avoid, in my opinion, is to try and erotize the silhouette more than it already is.

Out of curiosity, I checked out the advice given on wearing leather pants on the new Bible of Internet. Some websites say you shouldn’t wear your leather pants to work, that you shouldn’t wear them with flats or a leather jacket. Others say the exact contrary (greaaaat!).

I’ve seen women wearing leather pants with flats and a leather jackets and it was simply divine. I’ve seen women wearing leather pants whilst following all of the do’s of good taste and it was just pointless.

Very often, be it for makeup or accessories or clothes, I don’t believe that one sacred rule exists. Each of us finds his or her style and pieces. Something horrid on one person can be pure bomb on someone else.

Here, I tune the leather pants down a little with a very simple sweater and I soften the effect of fabrics with fur, suede flat shoes and handbag.

October 28, 2018

Weill trousers – Eric Bompard jumper – Tara Jarmon fur jacket – Tods handbag – Max Mara flat shoes – Agnelle gloves