Itsi bitsi petit bikini Burberry…

Well, to be honest, I was not crazy about the idea of a bikini photoshoot.

Not that I feel uncomfortable half-naked. At 41, I accept myself the way I am and I don’t give a damn about my so-called flaws.

No. The point is that I feel uncomfortable half-naked on the Internet.

To me, nudity has to do with intimacy. And intimacy is the matter of a very happy few (well, two happy few if I include myself).

I don’t understand why so many people need to put every angle of their naked or half-naked bodies on display.

Except if I understand that it is a way to show off.

Except if I understand that it is a way to get reassurance from a maximum of people and likes.

Except if I understand that it is a way to propose oneself as a desirable product.

Except if I finally understand that appearances often run the world.

I don’t agree with all of the above but I understand how it works. As a lawyer, I would say that you need to know the rules to break them.

You can play with appearances – and that’s what I am doing here, as long as you have a message to send – and that’s what I am doing here too.

The message is very simple: all the women I know have body issues. You know what? Body issues are a social construction, so fuck bodies issues. We should wear a bikini if we want to, no matter how “imperfect” – whatever it means – we are (but preferably not on the Internet every day, it’s pointless).


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