Here are some photos of a time that is recent but has already passed, when it was still possible to drink a hot chocolate on a Parisian terrace. A complicated photoshoot though, as it was raining cats and dogs, and people were walking masked, as locked in themselves, with tired and worried eyes.

When I received the photos, I realized that hydroalcoholic gel dispensers and posters describing the sacrosanct protective measures were all over the place and I found all of this incredibly depressing.

Since then, a teacher has been beheaded, a church has been attacked and we are in lockdown again. Division reigns everywhere. Nothing is right in this world.

I am thinking of people who were already emotionally fragile, whose mental health has deteriorated over the course of this year.

I am thinking of people on the verge of precariousness or already in a precarious situation, whose material condition may have deteriorated irreversibly during this year.

I am thinking of people who are isolated, alone, whether emotionally, physically or materially.

I am also thinking, as a lawyer, about the liberticidal measures that have been imposed on millions of people in the recent months, and it worries me every time I see no sense or consistency.

I am thinking – maybe overthinking, as usual – and I am becoming really concerned. I just know that we will have to get the most out of this shitshow.

October 30, 2020

Loro Piana x Weill coat – Helmut Lang leather leggings – Barbara Bui top – Sergio Rossi heels – Dior purse – Monoprix umbrella