I read somewhere that the way we pack our vacation suitcase reflects our idealized view of ourselves. This probably explains why the majority of us insist on filling that vacation suitcase with all those clothes that we don’t necessarily wear elsewhere, but which nevertheless make us strongly dream. Our greatest fantasy – that of our perfect realization – is illustrated by this suitcase packed to the brim.

Dear Lord, I understand, I understand so much.

I have two types of holidays: those when the honor is given to the children and where I juggle with no difficulty three tops, two bottoms and two swimsuits for two weeks, because, well, it’s okay, we don’t give a damn.

And those when I decide to go wild and play with lots of dresses and hats and accessories because, well, that’s the mood.

I’m ashamed to admit that the latter type of behavior is strongly linked to my own discovery of a region – because there is nothing more exciting to me. I love to visit, learn, explore and nothing bores me more than a sweaty beach day.

It requires a negotiation with the little ones – and a swimming pool is often at their disposal at the end of the afternoon, as a reward for their efforts to follow me in my tribulations.

My absolute dream is to make them discover the Seven Wonders of the ancient and modern world. It will surely come, but can you only imagine the size of my personal suitcase then ? 😉

July 16, 2021

Eres bathing suit – Essedue sunglasses