I am what you’d call a late bloomer, one of those women who becomes beautiful with age.

Strangely, I say this without any pretense: I don’t think I’m the prettiest (I am actually totally incapable of naming the most beautiful woman in the world because I find lots of women beautiful in many different ways) but I’m happy with what I see in the mirror, be it puffy and eyes and poufy hair or a perfectly prepped face. Continue reading “LATE BLOOMER”


When you have a public account on Instagram and that you wish to reach a maximum number of people, there are two possible postures.

The first one is to consider that you influence others: the idea is therefore to increase your number of followers whilst only following a few, often institutional or celebrities accounts. Continue reading “MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL”


Let’s talk about these lovely open-toed stilettos, which are the cherry on the cake of a new, confidential, luxury brand: Varadi.

Varadi’s founder, Diana, started her project from a very simple simple observation: given that she loves wearing very high heels all day long but that she’s never found a match made in heaven, she simply decided to launch her own brand. Continue reading “VARADI”


Nice try, but no, I’m not referring to my lawyer’s robes.

I’m talking about the little black dress, which should systematically be a basic in any half decent wardrobe.

It allows you to put and end to one of the most distressing morning dilemma’s: what on earth am I going to wear?

Continue reading “THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS”


What an amazing vintage Castillo dress…

Antonio del Castillo is a remarkable designer who worked with the greatest fashion houses – Paquin, Piguet, Chanel, Elizabeth Arden and Lanvin – before opening his own house in the 60’s. Continue reading “CASTILLO”