Today, I want to tell you about a lawyer: Suzanne Ducoté.

A lawyer who chose another path.

Suzanne’s bubbly personality, beautiful energy and intelligence set her up for a brilliant, intellectually stimulating career as a business lawyer.

It was all well and good.

But she decided otherwise (and thank God for both her and us).

After years of relentlessly searching for the perfect dress, Suzanne decided to explore her family’s archives. She designed her first dress as a result, which was followed by several others, before simply deciding to re-open her family’s silk fabric in Lyon. Just like that, the fabric that had been sleeping for two centuries came back to life.

Under Suzanne’s direction, the fabric is blossoming like a rose.

As a history lover, I am utterly charmed. Indeed, the Lyon silk tradition dates back to François Ier and was further developed under Louis XIV due to the Court’s voracious pressure.

Silk from Lyon weaves history, craftsmanship and quality together.

Suzanne gives new life to this tradition by offering beautiful dresses that associate a simple cut with luxurious fabrics. The latter are stunningly woven, colourful and echo the ornate dresses in which ladies of the Court proudly paraded in all those years ago.

Reconciling tradition and modernity is Suzanne’s motto and I think it suits her perfectly.

September 5, 2018



Edmée Tachetée d’Or dress


Eugénie 4 Points dress

Eugénie Petites Fleurs dress

Flore Points Dorés dress

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