Digital life is good, right. But real life is even better. The dream life offered by Instagram is enjoyable but managing to inject a bit of dreaminess, joy and authenticity in your real life is even more fun and interesting. I believe that we are all, in one way or another, looking for meaning. Continue reading “FRENCH TOUCH EDITION”


And here I am, in my dance attire but also in Marlène Dietrich’s suite at the Lancaster hotel in Paris, where she lived a few years, where she left her piano, to discuss dance. I recently inflicted a thousand stories documenting my dance practices on my community on Instagram Continue reading “LET’S DANCE”


It’s no secret, I love summery playsuits and it’s no secret either, I do love electric blue, this famous IKB or International Klein Blue. Continue reading “IKB”


An outfit with a retro touch was the natural complement to this superb Lancaster en-suite. With such a setting, it seemed like the ideal occasion to discuss the movie “Laura”. Continue reading “LAURA”


Before Bégum Paris, there was Delage, the beautiful French maison with its workshop in Ile-et-Villaine, France. A maison that would regularly lend its talents and savoir-faire to the greatest names, such as Chanel or Louboutin. Continue reading “BEGUM PARIS”


It is simply delightful to wear this Jason Wu dress, which I find absolutely gorgeous, during the festive season. The slightly dramatic bejeweled neckline is perfectly balanced out by the aerial grace of the skirt. Continue reading “INTO THE BLUE”


Time to clear the air.

My Instagram followers have been increasing by the thousands every day for over a week now. This could sound like good news but really it’s not because these accounts are fake, empty shells with no one behind them. Continue reading “FAKE LIFE”


This beautiful little gem is from Needle & Thread, an English brand founded in 2013, whose sophisticated, supremely feminine style is instantly recognisable due to the embroideries and sequins present in each collection. Continue reading “MAHARANI”


One never highlights their back enough, which is a shame given how sensual a back can be.

I’ve chosen to address this issue by wearing this chain-covered vintage dress.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Continue reading “UNCHAINED”


“Love at first sight”. That’s how I’d describe my experience with Delvaux.

This beautiful house was created in 1829, which makes it the oldest fine leather goods house in the world and one of Belgium’s national jewels. Continue reading “DELVAUX”


Those who’ve been following my adventure since the very beginning are well aware of my love for boating.

The setting has changed a little and so have the type and the size of the boat: may I introduce this gorgeous 56ft long sailing boat. Continue reading “LIBERTY”


Today, I want to tell you about a lawyer: Suzanne Ducoté.

A lawyer who chose another path.

Suzanne’s bubbly personality, beautiful energy and intelligence set her up for a brilliant, intellectually stimulating career as a business lawyer. Continue reading “DUCOTÉ & CÔTE”


Is a moment of outrage allowed? I guess so.

I have written about my love for Naomi Wolf’s “Beauty Myth”, published in 1990, on a previous occasion. The essay explores how women were, and continue to be, alienated by unrealistic diktats around physical perfection, desirability and the constant staging of their bodies as sexual objects. Continue reading “THE BEAUTY MYTH – PART 2”


I clearly love Dolce & Gabbana’s ultra-femininity, which has always represented the quintessence of the Italian dolce vita for me: the 60’s, the sun, femininity, voluptuousness, grace and love. Continue reading “DOLCE VITA”


This item is a UFO: a playsuit by Victoria Beckham designed for target, the massive U.S. department store. Indeed, Victoria Beckham presented Target with an affordable 150-piece-collection in Spring 2017, which includes a line for plus-size women and for children. In all fairness, it’s quite a success. Continue reading “ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK”