“Heartbreaker” is a 2010 French romantic comedy by Pascal Chaumeil.

The main protagonist is Alex, a charming and attractive man, who runs a quite unique business for concerned clients: he breaks up existing relationships, but only where the woman is knowingly unhappy or engaged to an obvious douchebag, according to the family members or the friends who hire Alex.

Alex is a new type of undercover spy who magically disappears when his mission is completed, meaning when the seduced target falls in love with him.

Alex works with his sister and brother-in-law (who is, well, a piece of work) and his missions go divinely well until the day he meets his next mission: Juliet.

Juliet is about to marry Jonathan and several obstacles face Alex and his team: Juliet and Jonathan make the ideal couple and seem perfectly happy. In addition, as the days go by, Alex begins to have feelings for his target. Alex has a few days to wreck the wedding in Monaco, learn the Dirty Dancing choreography and think about what he really expects from life.

Let’s be honest, “Heartbreaker” is jubilant. Romain Duris, who lends his features to Alex, is irresistible, touching and not always very talented and Vanessa Paradis, who plays the very Cartesian and cold Juliet, has fun blowing hot and cold.

The movie was a great success in France, with good reason.

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July 14, 2023