Digital life is good, right. But real life is even better. The dream life offered by Instagram is enjoyable but managing to inject a bit of dreaminess, joy and authenticity in your real life is even more fun and interesting. I believe that we are all, in one way or another, looking for meaning. Personally, at 45 years of age, the meaning I’ve been giving to my “digital initiative” (for I am neither a blogger or an influencer) for the past four years is that of showcasing undeniably talented designers for free because they deserve more visibility. I endorse them here and on Instagram, with texts and photos anchored in real life.

The natural evolution of this initiative was to organise a day dedicated to these designers. I really wanted to. The idea has been floating around me for the past six months: I wanted to organise a full day of exhibition and sale that would only bolster the state of their wallets.

I also wanted to organise a day and an evening during which we could all meet, dance and share a few glasses of champagne – a time for real, meaningful interaction.

The French Touch Edition took place on the day and the evening of the 7th December 2019, at the Pullman Eiffel hotel. Thirteen designers had their creations on display from 10am to 7:30pm.

From 6pm onwards, everyone was invited to party.

It was a great way to discover the jewels of French savoir-faire, to support these designers, those who fight so hard to eschew mediocrity and present us with only the finest, smartest pieces, in which they have invested their hearts and stories.

December 7, 2019