Life has a funny sense of humour: just as I was interrogating myself on questions concerning nudity, lingerie and women as both objects and subjects of desire, Triumph contacted me, saying they wanted us to co-host an event.

Their #TogetherWeTriumph campaign, which champions an empowered sisterhood, instantly caught my eye and I loved Triumph’s motto, according to which they support women in each and every movement.

Founded in 1886, Triumph participated in writing the modern history of lingerie and therefore in writing the history of modern women.

There is a lot to say on the subject of women and lingerie, given the fact that women’s bodies have always been a major stake in religion, biology, sexuality and the social world in general. Women’s bodies were objectified, corseted, deformed. Women’s busts were shaped and constrained for centuries and centuries but strangely, drawers, the ancestors of panties were only invented during the 19th century.

The major change occurred during the 20th century, when women began reclaiming their own bodies through the medium of lingerie, which led to two important concepts becoming socially acceptable: that of pleasure and comfort.

With all that in mind, you will easily understand why a brand like Triumph caught my attention. Triumph supported and accompanied all these changes, for instance with the invention of stretchy lace on “Amourette”, their first bra, which ensured comfort without having to sacrifice an ounce of elegance.

However, Triumph does not limit itself to lace. They also offers second-skin effect lingerie, sportswear, homewear, shapewear and swimsuits, to suit your every need.

Triumph’s approach is destined to modulate its lingerie to all of our activities and I find that fantastic.

Triumph’s approach is also geared towards offering different types of lingerie for different types of bodies.

Hence, I appreciate that Triumph’s webpage doesn’t only feature models who match our society’s current beauty standards exactly. Indeed, seeing different types of bodies materializes Triumph’s desire to produce adequate products for a larger number of women.

All women know how uncomfortable it is to wear an ill-fitting bra all day long. There is nothing worse, and if I remember correctly, a poll highlighted that the first thing most women do when they get home is to take their bra off. The latter speaks for itself.

Personally, I truly believe in the quasi-magic power of lingerie: it is the first garment we slip on, it sits on our bodies, it touches – both literally and metaphorically – our erogenous zones and the very essence of what makes a woman’s femininity.

Lingerie can indeed make us into objects of desire but it can also allow us to reclaim the status of a desiring subject.

As always, beauty lies in harmony and balance: feeling in harmony with your lingerie can create a sense of empowerment that stems from a lively, active expression of femininity.

Feeling good in your lingerie means you can forget yourself because you feel so comfortable, both in your mind and in your body, and fully live in the present moment, be it at the gym for a workout, or in your room for another kind of workout.

April 12, 2019






At the Lancaster Hotel Paris