There is not one London but several.

The tentacular city managed the considerable feat of regrouping a thousand communities and therefore a thousand areas.

Knightsbridge, where you can find Harrods, Harvey Nicols and the great majority of London-based couture house’s flagships, is without a single doubt one of the trendiest areas in the capital.

Knightsbridge is also without any doubt one of the least representative areas in London too, be it in its cultural diversity or in its social variety. How lovely though to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum and walk around in its beautiful, even, peaceful roads.

I admire London’s abundant history, I am jealous of its social diversity and its freedom of spirit, I like this city where three children – Axel, Liam and Noah that I love – live, but… but I have no true visceral affection for it.

There, I dropped the bomb. We are Irish in this family for Christ’s sake! I can absolutely not display unconditional love for London. Impossible, as a matter of principle.

Nonetheless, the children and I found a deal: we find English humour and Sir Winston Churchill absolutely acceptable. And above all, we love Axel, Liam and Noah.